What are the most common uses for a Prize Wheel?

Businesses, organizations, HR departments, sales and training facilities, trade shows, schools, radio stations, fairs, concerts, sporting events, anything for prize giveaways. Hundreds of applications allow you to be creative!

Is my Prize Wheel a complete unit?

Yes, everything you need is included – The Wheel, the corresponding stand, clicker..and fun!

Is my Prize Wheel a quality made product?

Absolutely! Our wood is cured and treated to our specs and for our needs. This makes for a light weight, colorfast, stable and long lasting product. Because we manufacture prize wheels for lottery commissions and casinos, each prize wheel is balanced, at the factory to give a true certified random spin. Our prize wheels have been manufactured to exacting specifications for over 15 years!

Don’t buy junk!

Many of the prize wheels currently available on the web are made of cheap ABS plastic, MDF or particle board. Particle board prize wheels are too heavy and short lived – with a life expectancy of six months or less. When exposed to even small amounts of moisture, humidity and temperature change, particle board prize wheels will swell, discolor, loose their balance and start to wobble, rendering them practically useless. Those made of ABS plastic are flimsy and are more like toys rather than a serious product. Don’t be fooled! Neither of these products can deliver a random spin.

Can I customize my prize wheel?

We will completely design your prize wheel to your specifications!

Click here for complete ordering instructions for your custom prize wheel.

Is there any assembly required?

No, your prize wheel comes attached to the stand (table stands). All you have to do is attach the stand to the base and your good to go.

How soon can I get my Prize Wheel after I order?

Normal production time is 2-3 weeks after your final approval of the custom artwork and receipt of your payment. If you need your prize wheel for a certain due date, please let us know as soon as you can so we can make sure that your prize wheel is onsite on time.

Are travel cases available for my Prize Wheel?

We have a travel cases available if you need to carry your Prize Wheel to multiple locations.  for product description

Is my Prize Wheel easy to move?

Though the prize wheel is very portable while assembled within a facility and in a vehicle of sufficient size, it does have to be partially disassembled to transport in other instances, such as to and from a trade show.